Antler Dog Bones


Elk and deer antler chew toys contain many of the best nutrients that your dog craves. They are a great natural source for calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc & manganese. Your dog will love them. Some prefer them whole, lasting much longer, some prefer them split up the middle exposing the marrow.

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We offer dog antler chews for sale in several sizes. Simply match the size of the antler chew stick to your dog’s size.  Slicing reveals the antler chews marrow which dogs love, but in turn reduces the time it takes to consume the dog chew.  Sliced dog chews also do have a greater risk of splitting and sharp edges if very aggressively chewed.

  • Small (whole only)
    Approx. 4″ long x ¾” diameter
  • Medium (cut in half or whole)
    Approx. 5-6″ long x 1-1 ¼” diameter
  • Large (cut in half or whole)
    Approx. 5 ½-7″ long x 1 ½-2″ diameter
  • X-Large (cut in half or whole)
    Approx. 7-8″ long x 2″ diameter

Shipping in a flat-rate priority box, quantities are: Small/Medium – as many will fit in the box; Large – up to 15 bones; X-Large – up to 10 bones.

Antler Attic’s antler dog bones are all-natural as they come from wild animals never having steroids, antibiotics or other growth-promoting hormones. Natural dog antler chews are much longer lasting than rawhide or synthetic chew toys or even raw dog bones. They have naturally high calcium content.

All-natural antler dog chews come predominately from elk and some other deer species like mule deer, whitetail, red deer, moose and fallow deer.  The majority of ours are elk, mule deer, and whitetail deer. Hard antler is an annually renewable crop that naturally FALLS OFF the elk/deer, providing a safe, all-natural antler chew treat for your dog.  Every year, elk/deer drop their old hard antler in late winter and start growing new antlers (velvet antlers to start, then become hard) each and every spring.  We collect the natural “drops” from wild animals. NO ANIMALS ARE EVER HARMED.

Being hard antler exposed to the weather, Antler Chews are stronger than raw bones and are of a finer texture.  Antler Dog Chews cut from real hard antler will not easily break or chip like cooked or raw bones might.  Each dog antler chew is different, as is each dog that loves them; therefore, it is hard to predict how a dog will consume them.  Your dog’s chewing action and the digestive action of the dog’s own saliva slowly yields delicious morsels of antler for your dog to consume; however, always use caution when first offering your dog an antler chew treat.  Supervise their activity so they do not attempt to swallow or break the antler. Always buy antler chews approximately proportionate to your dog’s body size.

Our antler chews for dogs are all-natural products right off the animal.  Our only processing on the whole antler is to power-wash with clean water to remove excess dirt and miscellaneous organic material and then to cut the dog chew into manageable sizes and slice in half if desired by the customer.  Each dog chew antler is hand-sanded to round the points and eliminate any sharp edges that might injure your pet.

Antler Dog Bone Chew CAUTION:

  • ALWAYS supervise your dog with antlers or any new chew toy.
  • Natural antler dog bones are very hard and can break teeth or cause gums to bleed if chewed too aggressively.
  • Watch for breakage or splintering of chews.
  • Do not boil antlers as this will cause softening and splintering.
  • Be extra cautious of aggressive behavior when dogs have antler chews.

The Antler Attic disclaims any responsibility and/or liability for pet problems due to natural instincts, failure to supervise or aggressive behavior.