Did You Know?

The size of the antlers or “rack” increases in size each year. You may have heard antlers referred to as “sheds”. That is because unlike any other in the animal kingdom, male elk, deer, and moose grow and “shed” their antlers every year. Antler sheds are mother natures’ most amazing renewable resource. Using these for… Continue reading Did You Know?


Antlers vs. Horns – Hunting Sheds

Massive six point bull elk antler, Sand Creek, Mission Creek drainage near Cashmere, WA

It is rare to find a matching set… ANTLERS VS HORNS Antlers grow, and fall off every year. Sheep, goat and bison have horns rather than antlers that are permanently attached to their head. The only way to retrieve their horns is off the dead carcass, requiring special hunting permits. Pronghorn Antelope will shed the… Continue reading Antlers vs. Horns – Hunting Sheds